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Artist Statement

Rape is something we recognize as something horrible. At times it has been used as torture, as punishment, as an act of war, as an act of genocide, and an act of selfishness; It is always an act of power and dehumanization.


Through my own experiences, as well as a sense of responsibility and respect for all survivors, my artwork puts the subject of rape at the center of conversation. I am driven by the need to expand compassion for those who carry this weight and blame on the rapists. We think of it as a crime that rarely happens, that the attackers and “victims” are far away strangers, when normally that is not the case.


I work with various materials, such as fabric and acrylic paints, and use a range of techniques to get my message across, from line drawing to hand-sewing. My work is often composed of metaphors such as my use of hand-sewing. It takes time; it does not have shortcuts and maybe sloppy, much like recovery.


Each rape survivor lives with an experience unique to them; their stories may remain their secret, or worse, may fall on deaf ears. Feeling that we are not heard has us living with these wounds. The community is mistaken to be few, but there are millions of living rape survivors. My artwork is an avenue for discussion and awareness for those unknowing. It is recognition for those living with the weight of violation forced upon them. It is validation.

Megumi Naganoma

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